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Re: Acorn on the Web

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  If you have only email, you cannot do web.

Not true at all.  It's just so damned annoying that you WOULDN'T use it.

Check out the following from the usenet alt.internet.services FAQ...  Try it on


                       WORLD-WIDE WEB BY E-MAIL

The World-Wide Web is touted as the future of Internet navigational
tools.  It's a hypertext and eultimedia system that lets you hop around
the Net, read documents, and access images & sounds linked to a source.

Have you ever heard someone say, "Wow, check out the cool stuff at
http://www.somewhere.com/blah.html" and wondered what in the world they
were talking about?  Now you can retrieve WWW documents by e-mail using
an Agora WWW-mail server.

All you need to know is the Uniform Resource Locator (or URL, that
long ugly string starting with "http:", "gopher:", or "ftp:") which
defines the address of the document, and you can retrieve it by sending
e-mail to one of:

   agora@dna.affrc.go.jp        (Japan)
   agora@kamakura.mss.co.jp     (Japan)
   www.mail@ciesin.org          (USA)
   agora@info.lanic.utexas.edu  (USA)
   agora@mx.nsu.nsk.su          (Russia ONLY)
   agora@www.undp.org           (restricted to "developing" countries)
   agora@mail.w3.org            (out of service)

In the body of your note include one of these lines, replacing "<URL>"
with the actual URL specification.

   send <URL>
   rsend <return-address> <URL>  (to override your return address)

This will send you back the document you requested, with a list of all
the documents referenced within, so that you may make further requests.

To try WWW by e-mail send the following commands to an Agora server :

   send http://www.w3.org

You'll receive in due course the Agora help file and the "WWW Welcome
Page" which will include references to other Web documents you'll want
to explore.

THERE ARE SOME OTHER WWW mail servers...

   Address                  Syntax     Comments
   -----------------------  ---------- -------------------------

   webmail@www.ucc.ie       GO <URL>   Same as webmail@curia.ucc.ie
   w3mail@gmd.de            GET <URL>  Send HELP command for more info
   web-mail@ebay.com        <URL>      Fee-based, limited free searching

Note: The WWW-mail servers are sometimes unavailable for days (or weeks)
at a time without explanation.  If you get an error or no reply, please
retry in a day or so.
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