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Re: Acorn on the Web

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

Kerry Romano wrote:
> Poster: Kerry Romano <linneah@erols.com>
> ...  The man lives on very little sleep to get your Acorns out
> to you and, though I know you all appreciate it, I think you owe him
> better concideration than you are affording him.
> I can agree - since I've done the overnight copy-and-fold party with him.

> Rabah, in his warrenting of the Webmasters, is doing his best to provide
> the best information to those of us who use the electronic medium. 

He is also only doing what he has been DIRECTED to do by his Society 
superior... as Ld Gregory can attest, since he and Rabah have held 
numerous conversations about those directives. Cut him some slack - not 
everyone in an office acts to gather as much power as they can. If you 
think he really WANTS to increase his workload by being responsible for 
yet more warrants and editorial supervising - you must think he has no 
other life!!!  :D   

I know he'd rather be gaming, wneching, and singing...and not necessarily 
in that order.


ps - Linnea, I've been forwarding all of this to him too - hope Kara is 
pre-screening it for him.  Say hi to Marinus for me..

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