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Re: Acorn on the Web

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

My Lords and Ladies I commend myself to you.

I think we all need to sit back, take a deep breath, have a sip of
that mead of Tadgh's and think a bit before we react any more.

It was my impression that Rabah was not really creating another level
of beauracracy and paperwork when he suggested making Web Ministers
out of those who are already maintaining web sites for Atlantia. It
was rather my impression that he wanted to give some kind of unofficial
cookie within the auspices of his capacity as Kingdom Chronicler by
way of thanks to those people. I think he also might have wanted to
have those Web Ministers provide him directly with update status of
those sites and any new sites that might come along for the various
groups within the kingdom. (Rabah, please feel free to correct me
any time I'm wrong here) I presume that this might have been so he
could, possibly in his letters in the Acorn itself and on the Acorn
web site, provide the urls and links to the sites for these groups
so newbies and others local to those groups could find info in their
area if they are able to access the web (and without their Acorn

Instead what has happened is that there has been some unwarranted
overreaction, resulting in some electronic slaps in the face for

Rabah hasn't asked anyone to undertake any more work than they are
already doing. He has offered another method for folks to get the
information that many people are already putting in their web pages,
and has suggested a method of coordinating these efforts and thanking
folks via "warrants". These people have already volunteered their
time for these efforts as has Rabah. Anyone who is unhappy with the
job Rabah is doing should step forward and volunteer to take it over.

Rabah, to you I say thank you for your efforts.

In service,
Corun MacAnndra
Baron Storvik, Atlantia

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