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Re: Yeah for US!! (YKTCPIARI)

Poster: Stephanie Malone Thorson <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

Among other things, Falcone says:

> ...he ever went to war over a hunting dog

BUT WAIT!!!  This *is* period!

OK, OK, it's more period legend, but ...

Most of the medieval chroniclers of Scotland (with whom I am very very
familiar), include a tale about one of the very early, probably legendary
kings of the Scots, who was very partial to hunting when a young man. On
one occasion, this young king went hunting with an assortment of Scottish
and Pictish noblemen, and after a fine time had been had by all and much
food and drink had been consumed (probably *not* possum sotelties, possums
not being indigenous to Scotland), the Pictish nobles took their leave and
headed home, surreptitiously taking the Scottish king's favourite hound
with them. The Scots king and his nobles might not have noticed this until
the next morning had not the rest of the king's hounds missed their
comrade and taken off after the Picts, making as much noise as any group
of hunting hounds can make. (How much is that? A *lot* of noise, my
friends). The Scots, now alert to the fact that Something Was Up, rode off
in pursuit of their hounds and the Picts. When they caught up with the
Pictish hound-abductors, the Scottish king demanded the return of his dog.
The Picts refused. The king issued the demand a second time, and a second
time it was refused. The king, losing patience, charged forward in an
attempt to seize his hound. One of the Picts heartlessly ran the dog
through with a spear as the young king approached. Justly enraged, the
Scots did battle with the Picts, and pursued the survivors as far as the
borders of the Pictish kingdom. When the king of the Picts was informed of
these events, he sued for peace and offered reparations, but the Scottish
king refused, and there followed border raids and pitched battles with the
associated bloodshed and slaughter. 

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