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Ummm . . . excuse me?

Poster: Carol_O'Leary@ed.gov (Carol O'Leary)

     Mar Yaakov haMizrachi said:
     >What a revoltin' development this is!  Good grief, can't we do 
     >*anything* without someone on the BOD trying to nationalize it in the 
     >name of the people.  (Please spare me the usual 'Board members are 
     >hard-working volunteers' etc.  The road to Hell is paved with such 
     >well meaning deeds, and I have seen organizations go to ruin through 
     >the best efforts of dilligent officers.)
     I would like to remind Mar Yaakov (and everyone else on the list) that 
     the corporate officers and the Board of Directors are not mutually 
     inclusive groups.  If a corporate officer asked the kingdom 
     chroniclers to warrant the keepers of local web pages (and I'm not at 
     all certain that the Corporate Chronicler did that -- I'll try to find 
     out this weekend), it was not at the direction of the Board.  It is 
     good, when trying to fix blame, to find out where to fix it, let alone 
     whether any needs to be assessed in the first place.
     Melisande de Belvoir/ Carol O'Leary
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