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Re: Ummm . . . excuse me?

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

       I would like to remind Mar Yaakov (and everyone else on the list) that 
       the corporate officers and the Board of Directors are not mutually 
       inclusive groups.  If a corporate officer asked the kingdom 
       chroniclers to warrant the keepers of local web pages (and I'm not at 
       all certain that the Corporate Chronicler did that -- I'll try to find 
       out this weekend), it was not at the direction of the Board.  It is 
       good, when trying to fix blame, to find out where to fix it, let alone 
       whether any needs to be assessed in the first place.

This experiment began a few years ago, when Theahtyn gave Heirusalem permission
to experiment in this regard.  I seem to recall it appearing in his report in
the Minutes, but I could be mistaken.  Surely, the creation of a new kind of
deputy Kingdom officer OUGHT to have been reported to the Board.

It is of little shock or suprise that Heirusalem would want to expand the
experiment to the national level now that she is Corporate Chronicler.

Surely, oversight of Corporate Officers is something that *is* the purview of
the Board.  I truly understand how hard that can be in a global and distributed
organization, where only what is reported is known, and omissions are hard to

In any case, the Web Chronicler issue is being discussed on several Kingdom
mailing lists: if it is a false issue, it is a remarkably well organized

I would urge the Board to make it clear to Officers that global policy changes
of this level ought to be discussed with the Board first, or at least with the
correct ombudsman.  I forsee a terrible liability exposure with this
methodology, one which had been discussed with Heirusalem on the Midrealm
mailing list back when she was Kingdom Chronicle of the Middle Kingdom.

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