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RE: Jobs and Cookies

Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>

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>Sent: 	Wednesday, October 16, 1996 10:06 PM
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>Subject: 	Re: Jobs and Cookies
>Poster: SheehanTA@aol.com
>  Awards get given when the powers-that-be are made aware.  We have only one
>set of royalty and perhaps 120 active peers in the kingdom.  There were about
>1200 people on The Acorn mailing list last I remember a count.  Do the math.
>There are a lot of you and relatively few of us.  Good order members try to
>be conscientious and make recommendations, but we just can't see it all.  If
>you think someone deserves an award, write to the principal of the order and
>the royalty and do it every reign or two until what you desire comes to pass.
> That is how awards happen more often
>than not.

Not trying to belabor a point or anything, but that works out to a ratio
of 10:1.  Would it be possible to divy out the populace, 10 to a peer
and the peer could "look after" their flock, so to speak?  As more
people would be found, who are of peerage quality, the ratio would go
down and become even easier to handle.
Just a thought.

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