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Re: atlantia V1 #143

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> A most excellent example Annara.  The only thing I would add would be 
> a line like "Oh by the way....I think the King is pretty damn cool 
> no matter what they say!!!"  or "I hope I spelled Your name right on 
> the check!"  8^) 
> Logan 
> ps. standard disclaimer:  This misssive is meant to agree with 
> the recommendation of one of the King's subjects on writing 
> award recommendation letters (very helpful).  The second part is 
> called humor and can be found in most any dictionary! 

<snrt, giggle>

Memo to myself:

Before opening and reading any missive with TRM's names on it, SWALLOW the 
coffee first....  Just in case....


Meli ferch Iasper
(who is now cleaning the coffee out of her keyboard, still giggling all the 

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