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Re: kane stories

Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>

         Syr Kane was a Godsend to me after I had my accident coming home
from Unevent a few years back.  Whenever I would get depressed about the
surgeries or having to wear a Halo, Kane would call (how DID he know??)
and chastise me for feeling sorry for myself and then proceed to cheer me
up with that exuberant amount of charm of his.  In no time at all, he
would have me in stitches and in good cheer.  He was there for me whenever
I needed a strong shoulder to lean on, and kept me from taking myself and
my situation too seriously.  It was partially due to his good influence
that I continued to go to events despite the hardware and discomfort.  He
helped to make life bearable for me when I thought I had lost everything,
and for that I thank God that I was gifted with such a friend as Kane
while he was with us.  He was a great friend to many, and we are all
extremely fortunate in that we were able to have known him...he will be
sorely missed.  I choose to believe that he has gone on to a place where
he can continue to look after his family and friends as he did in life,
and that he has finally found his Valhalla.  He's certainly earned it.
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