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Re: kane stories

Poster: steele@sprynet.com

On Sun, 27 Oct 1996, Maude <maude@erols.com> wrote:

>Dearest Esclarmonde,
>It is soooo long since I have been able to speak to you... it is a shame 
>that such a sadness as this brings us back into communication! But, since 
>I now know how to reach you.. I will take advantage of the opportunity 
>and "pen" you a missive. 
>Well, my dear, how goes it in your part of the world?
   Things here are far too busy for much other than work and home renovations. 
Being a homeowner is taxing enough, but running a small business to pay the 
bills is a true mess. I don't know how the folks with families manage to fit 
them in.  Actually, the business is usually either feast or famine. This week 
things are calm. Next week I expect matters to be hopping and so off and on for 
the next few months.
> Many of us still miss your presence at events, etc.
  And I you all. I have given local events an occassional stab, but just haven't 
had any real enthusiasm. I keep trying to get to fencing or dance practice, but 
things just crop up...
>your fencing gear. I also seem to remember that you had authored a 
>delightful publication on travel in France during the thirteenth (?) 
>century. Does this wonderful book cover travel in Burgundy too??
  I know that Niall and Teleri had a copy and there may be one or two others in 
the barony. At present, we are between printings and I need to nudge my copy 
editor again. Our book on _Fiefs_ is sitting in my kitchen to be run to the 
printer this week. I expect to be down in mid-December for my kid sister's 
graduation from the State Dept. training program and hope to drop by if anything 
is going on that weekend.
>Write back soon and catch-me-up on your exploits. I, believe it or not, 
>have hung out my shingle as a technical writer.

  You know the feast and famine routine too then. Good luck with it and wish the 
barony my best. With luck and fortune, I should be down for Birthday this 
winter, and the summer University session.
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