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Re: Smoking on the field (fwd)

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Jonathon Blackbow wrote:
>NB:  I am not advocating any breaking of kingdom, Society, or mundane law
>by my defense of His Grace; nor do I condone any of same. I simply wish
>people would confront other people directly.  Simple enough to do, and
>yet, so very difficult.

This discussion is now getting into the realm of "Peers are supposed to be
the Exemplars of the Society." All too often I have heard people complain
about this or that Peer and how they flaunt or totally disregard Kingdom Law
etc. Personally, I don't think it's the law that should be changed, but the
behaviour of those who break or disregard it. However, we are very often
faced with the situation of berating one of higher rank. As Lord Jonathon
says above, it's simple enough to confront someone directly, and yet so very
difficult. This is especially so when the person you are confronting is of
higher rank. You run the risk of being "put in your place" by this person,
or maybe ending up on some "list" somewhere, and even if those are only
imaginary fears, they still prevent someone from speaking out for what is
right, or simply speaking their mind. People are often intimidated by anyone
wearing a crown or coronet, or white belt and spurs or any other dangly.

The point here is that we shouldn't fear someone because they're of higher
rank in the Society. It's a game, and they don't really hold any power over
your life or death. And even if they do put your name on some imaginary
"list" and tell their friends all about you in order to try and prevent you
from being recognized for this or that award, it still shouldn't deprive you
having the fun you're seeking in the SCA. You can look at yourself in the
mirror and know that you weren't the one flaunting your rank and
deliberately annoying people. As the members of a group very close to me is
fond of saying, they can't take away your birthday (or as another friend of
mine was fond of telling his CO while stationed in Cambodia, "What're ya
gonna do, send me to Viet Nam?")

I have seen several knee-jerk reactions to this thread, including the
suggestion that if the law isn't being enforced or adhered to then it should
be discarded. That's a ridiculous notion. People don't pay attention to
speed limits. Should we abolish them? People still rob other people. Should
we abolish the laws pertaining to robbery? People still murder people.
Should we abolish the laws regarding murder? No, abolishing a law that is
being ignored by one or two people (and in at least one case a person who
should know better by virtue of having been a lawmaker), then it isn't the
law that's bad or the law that should be done away with. There are no law
enforcement officers in the SCA, and yet, by virtue of that fact, we are all
enforcers of the laws of the SCA. When one of us breaks or flaunts the laws,
it's up to all of us to enforce them, regardless of whether the offender
outranks us. We are all individually duty bound to obey not only the laws of
the Kingdom and the Society, but to see that they are upheld by others. We
have a responsibility to do this, and it starts with each and every one of
us. If the smokers will adhere to the laws pertaining smoking at events,
then there is no need for anyone to enforce them. If you find yourself in an
area where smoking is permitted, and smoking annoys you, then it is your
obligation to move to an area away from the smokers and let them have their
fun too. They have just as much right to that as you, and we can all play
nice together.

But let's not start talking about abolishing laws that are not enforced. If
you're not enforcing them yourself, it's not the fault of the law.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   |			They also serve
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