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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Ed Hopkins)

Leifr wrote
> > But on the other hand, I don't always wear period shoes, and I have not
> > made period glasses, so I shouldn't critize people for obtrusive
> > modernity.

To which Aedric replied,
> Speaking as a glasses-wearer, I would say that while glasses might be most
> annoying they are downright necessary for some of us and I have not seen
> any frames which would look proper (nor have I the skill nor time to make
> any myself).  I will continue wearing my modern glasses because I have no
> choice else I be handicapped at an event to the point where I might even
> need a guide.

I also wear mundane glasses at events, but I have met a man who refuses
to wear his glasses at events, although he is extremely nearsighted without
them, on the grounds that his persona would not have glasses.  As an extra
bonus, he's never seen anyone smoking at an event.  On the other hand,
he doesn't mind pretending that everyone in the medieval world spoke one
language -- we all pick our own areas to be authentic in.

-- Alfredo
(speaking of Duke Sir Cariadoc of the Bow)
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

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