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Re: smoking

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Virtual Valkyries <valkyries@jagunet.com> 
> I agree that smokers also have rights.  However, your rights end where 
> my lungs begin. 
> Victoria Fitzgerald 
> At 12:26 AM 11/21/96 -0500, you wrote: 
> > 
> >Poster: rave@multicom.org 
> > 
> > 
> >ok..i missed the part about the law but...speaking as a smoker  i 
> >would like to point out something.  Alot of us that smoke  are 
> >very polite about..standing away from any sort of crowd, picking up 
> >our butts etc. 
> >Yes there are some people who are not polite, i will admit that.  But, 
> >if because of those few you ban smoking at event or something like that 
> >i think it is unfair .  Yes non-smokers o have thier rights but so 
> >do smokers...and i agree smoking in the middle of the list field is bad 
> > 
> > 
I realize there are many polite smokers and I thank them for their courtesy.  
The problem I have is that I cannot walk into any area where there is smoke in 
the air, so that to some degree means that smoking needs to be in areas away 
from the event.  Smoke does not disperse quickly in my experience, and so I 
have had to avoid tourney fields, some merchant areas, and be wary of areas 
around doorways where smokers often group, especially in cold weather....


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