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Re: A HERETIC'S view on Reasonable Authenticity

Poster: steele@sprynet.com

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Kensei <kensei@concentric.net> wrote:
>Poster: Kensei <kensei@concentric.net>
>>Poster: carl christianson <einar@cvn.net>

>An interesting expression, "playing".  Other posters have noted this is a
>study society, a recreation society, and an educational society.  It's
>getting confusing--and, as one poster noted, questionably legal given SCA's
>tax-exempt status.
  I think, having read over more responses and catching up more on my weekend 
sleep deficit, that I would love to see:
(1) the majority of customs, food, garb, etc. to be at least surface medieval. 
That is, correct to casual research. (The 3 hr in a library proposal)
(2) a minority of things that are clearly and obviously non-medieval like 
glasses, the occassional sneakers, fencing masks, etc. that are so because it 
would be unsafe or too expensive to make them medieval BUT they are clearly not 
trying to portray themselves as historical. When modernity is just for 
convenience, it should be kept out of sight (put your Coke in a mug, not a can).
(3) and a certain space for fun and spoofs, clearly set up for same.
  My beef is with the confusion of SCA custom, Victorian/RPG/Hollywood history, 
and real research.
  The legal beef is a bit more complex and I don't know, absent a letter ruling, 
if we will ever know the answer.

>>Yes, we are more than a social club.  We're a social club with a theme,
  Legally nope. We can become a social club and still be tax-exempt under 
federal law, but that's a different set of rules that the BoD would have to ask 
be applied.

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