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Re: Italian Ren

Poster: teresa marie nava-vaughn <tmn@wam.umd.edu>

Carpaccio's "Two Venetian Women" (AKA the Courtesans) depicts one of the
women wearing a gown made with the skirt and bodice in green and the
sleeves and "built-in" apron in cream.  It's not particoloured per se, but 
does incorporate more than one colour.  I have a picture of it if you
would like to see it.  You could do a mock German Ren with the bodice made
from the one you have 1+ yds of and the skirt in three hortizontal pieces. 
It won't have the fullness of the original with only 3+ yds but will
approximate the look.

C o'Stow

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Robert J Welenc wrote:
> Does anybody know if Italian Ren ladies' gowns were ever made particolored?
> I happened to come on some of the good cotton velveteen as remnants for $1
> yd, but I could only get 2 yards of one color and 1+ yards of another. This
> is not enough of either one to do the overgown I want, but I can do it if I
> can combine them.

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