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Re: Italian Ren

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

teresa marie nava-vaughn wrote:
> Poster: teresa marie nava-vaughn <tmn@wam.umd.edu>
> Carpaccio's "Two Venetian Women" (AKA the Courtesans) depicts one of the
> women wearing a gown made with the skirt and bodice in green and the
> sleeves and "built-in" apron in cream.  It's not particoloured per se, but
> does incorporate more than one colour.  I have a picture of it if you
> would like to see it.  You could do a mock German Ren with the bodice made
> from the one you have 1+ yds of and the skirt in three hortizontal pieces.
> It won't have the fullness of the original with only 3+ yds but will
> approximate the look.

The fullness was an issue I had meant to address with the original
post.  One frequent problem with SCA clothing construction in general
(and I've been guilty of it too!) is trying to make do with less
fabric.  As near as my research shows, most of their clothes were *very*
full, especially through the skirts, and I would be leery of making
anything with three yards.  I might suggest doing something as Celynen
suggests, or finding some third fabric for the skirt and using the other
two pieces for the bodice, sleeves, cap and perhaps contrasting bands on
the skirt or something.

Just a thunk.

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