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Another Rilly Bad Joke

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

One of the regulars at the Wicked Owl was Scotty MacPherson.  Every 
evening he would ask the tapster for three flaggons of ale, all at once.  
He would quaff all three tankards himself.

One evening, our curiosity got the better of us, and we were moved to 
ask, why do you always order three tankards together?

He told us that he had come to village from a far-off shire, where he he 
had worked with his two brothers.  Each night after their labors had 
ended they were accustomed to repair to the local tavern for a takard of 
ale before making their way home.   Then Scotty had met and married a 
maiden from our shire, and had come to live on her father's farm.  "I 
love my wife, he told us, but I also miss my brothers." So, each night he 
would come to the Wicked Owl and toss back three drinks in remembrance of 
the good times that he had shared with his brothers.

>From then on, whenever we saw Scotty with his three tankards, we would 
smile and nod.

One evening, we could not help but notice that Scotty had only ordered 
*two* tankards of ale.  As he proceeded to drink them, we could not help 
but ask, "Why have you ordered two tankards instead of three as was your 

Scotty replied, "my wife has made me quit drinking."



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