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G. F. Armoury Books web page -pre Gulf Wars notice

Poster: Medievalbk@aol.com

Subj:	G. F. Armoury Books web page
Date:	97-01-08 23:36:54 EST
From:	Medievalbk
To:	Ansteorra@eden.com

G. F. Armoury Books
5718 E. 34th St.
Tucson AZ 85711



The best selection of books will no longer be at Pennsic, Estrella, Gulf
Wars, etc.  It will be in the comfort of your own home.  The best out of
print titles won't last long enough to be taken to events.

Over 80 different topics are kept on the web page, and over 5,700 titles are
kept on permanent seach.  More details on the page.

Enough talk for here.

Vilyehm the Merchant
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