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Re: [MR] Thorny questions of protocol

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Alfredo:
>>        [In] Sweden, [...] SCA royalty entertained the
>>        actual king, creating thorny questions of protocol.

Respondit Tibor:
> I gather that the protocol issue is as follows: within the Society, we tend
> to only recognize ranks that have been bestowed within the Society, or ranks
> from organizations we have found equivalent (in rare circumnstances).

Personally, if the King of Sweden were "visiting" and amenable, I'd treat
him as visiting royalty from a foreign land. Great pomp, and many
possibilities for schtick if you work it out in advance. Remember Rule 1
of Court: Surprising the Royalty (esp. visiting) is Generally a Bad Idea.

If a royal personage joins the SCA, they start from scratch like anyone
else. They should know this in advance.

>>   * When did this happen?
>>   * How was it covered in the mundane Swedish press?
>>   * Did the king of Sweden ever reciprocate?

I'd be interested to know.


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