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Re: Professions Webpage

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Allah's Peace!!

> On 20 Jan 97 at 16:31, Dan Mackison wrote:
> > I wouldn't be surprised to find out there are 16 personality types on
> >  this test. It looked suspisciously to me like the The Keirsey-Jungian
> > 
> Or, to be more precise, it's a spin off the Myers-Briggs personality 
> inventory. Cute idea and decent execution  though.
> Alexxii Stefanovic

Actually, not to be precocious, but Keirsey-Bates, Meyer-Briggs, and even
Jung developed extensions of Hippocrates works on personality theory.  He
did it first and discussed four personality types he assigned to the
characteristics of four of the gods.  He grouped people in to groups known
as the Appolonians, Prometheans, Dionysians, and the largest group - the
Epimetheans.  Keirsey-Bates are the only ones that gave him credit for his
ground work, though.

This is a big interest for me, with my best work in the corporate
environment in interpersonal relations.  Can you say Fall University?  I

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