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Poulet Gauche -- NEW SITE (fwd)

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.math.harvard.edu>

I am forwarding this emergency event announcement on behalf of the autocrat.
She lost her site suddenly, and needs to make it known.  (I have sent this
to Atlantia, Middle, The Ferry, and East Kingdom Northern Region, and it has
already appeared on the Eastern and Carolingian lists.)  I don't know if
folks were planning on travelling from far away.


Forwarded message:
  From: La Tour du Lac <cti@world.std.com>
  Subject: Poulet Gauche -- NEW SITE
  The Poulet Gauche event scheduled for February 8 has had to move its
  site.  The new location is the First Parish of Waltham, Unitarian
  Universalist, 50 Church St., Waltham, MA.  Directions could not be easier:
  from Route I-95, take Route 20 East.  Follow Rte 20 for about 1.8 miles.
  Make a left onto Church St. The church is on the left.  All other
  particulars remain the same! You can find the new directions and maps on
  our web site: http://world.std.com/~cti/lepg.html.
  Please spread the information to your non-net-connected friends, and
  repost this announcement to any other email lists or usenet groups that
  might help get the word out. 
  I would like to express my deep gratitude to our gracious kingdom
  chronicler and the Pikestaff Lick'n'Stamp crew, who tonight put nearly
  3000 stickers announcing the change into the Pikestaff -- a feat above and
  beyond the call of duty.  Thank them when you see it.
  vostre serviteur,
  Jehan du Lac
  I would like to correct a popular misconception about this event -- we
  *ARE* accepting reservations at the door. We recommend that you reserve
  ahead of time, because tables are limited and you will have a better
  chance of getting the seating you prefer (we will be serving in two
  shifts, early (around 5:30)  and late (around 7:30)). And of course, as
  with any popular restaurant on a Saturday night, you run the risk of not
  having a table at all if you wait to the last minute :-)  However, if
  you've got the cash and we've got the space, we'll be happy to serve you.
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