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Emerald Joust Arts and Sciences

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Greetings good Subjects of Atlantia!

The arts and sciences at Emerald Joust will consist of the following:

On Saturday in the feast hall, a competition called "Curriculum Vite".

On Sunday in the feast hall a display of scrolls.

On Saturday near the list field, the members of "Spun, Warped and Twisted", the
kingdom fiber arts group, will have a presence.

On Sunday the Kingdom is sponsoring a Birthday celebration and may hold a
competition or display.

Now for details.

"Curriculum Vite" is a competition for the generalists in the Kingdom.  It is
nothing more or less than one representative sample of every kind of art or
science you have ever done in or for the SCA.

Costuming, metalwork, leatherwork, fiber arts, brewing, scribal arts, dancing,
research, embroidery, beadwork, music, armoring, woodwork, lace, bookmaking,
herbs, the list goes on and on....

Think back to your early days and make a list of all you have learned or done. 
Put together a sample of each art or science for your entry.  Photographs are
allowed. We are initially allotting 1/2 a feast table per entrant.  More room
may be allowed, depending on the number of entrants; but count on having only
1/2 a table.

Documentation WILL count for extra points.  Nice touches to your display could
include: who taught you to do that activity, who you have taught, how long you
have done that activity, etc.  Use your imagination!

The Scroll display is both for scrolls you have done, and scrolls you have been
given.  It is hoped that scrolls given to people at Emerald Joust can also be
displayed.  If you posess a particularly interesting scroll, please bring it
for display along with a card stating who made it.

(And remember, please, to retreive it before the feast!  Last year a
particularly wonderful knights scroll ended up in lost and found because it
wasn't retreived before the feast!!)

Details on the SWAT presence and the Kingdom A&S will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences of
Caer Mear, Lady Ana Ilevna, at (804) 994-5845 or 71035.3227@compuserve.com or
her deputy, Lady Magdalena d'Hazebrouck, at 75353.623@compuserve.com, who will
be in charge of the Baronial A&S at Emerald Joust.

Countess Brigit is in charge of Kingdom A&S contests and displays.  Her contact
information is in the Acorn.

Good Luck and happy preparing!

         - Anarra Karlsdottir
           Deputy MOAS, Caer Mear
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