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[fwd] Record Label

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

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Alasdair mac Iain

>To: sca-east@world.std.com
>From: Micah Peters <damndane@twics.com>
>Subject: Re: I Need to Play!!!!
>Date: Fri, 24 Jan 97 09:47:41 +0000
>-Poster: Micah Peters <damndane@twics.com>
>I am forming a record label that will professionally produce and release
>the works of SCAdian performers and pay them for their efforts. For lack of
>a better name I have tentatively named the label "Bardic Circle".
>The project I spoke of is to release a compilation CD (about 74 minutes/18
>tracks) of period, filk, bardic, etc... performed by SCAdian artists from
>around the Known World. The disc would be sold thru reputable SCAdian
>merchants at a suggested price of $13.00 (P&H included). If all goes well,
>as I surely hope, a new disc would be released each quarter.
>There is also the possibility of producing and releasing non-compilation
>discs that would feature the music of just one, maybe two, SCAdian
>Marketing efforts would include a dedicated web-site (pictures, lyrics,
>audio samples, bio's and contact information), advertisements or press
>releases in all Kingdom Newsletters / T.I., color brochures sent out by
>merchants who carry the discs and courtesy copies to various people.
>Financially the label is solid (This means I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOUR MONEY).
>However, I am only one-person, at least that is what the shrink keeps
>trying to tell me, and I need your help if this label is to succeed. I am
>looking for the following:
>1. Anyone who would be willing to listen to my ideas and tear them apart
>bit by bit to find faults and room for improvement, occasional compliments
>permitted as well
>2. Anyone willing to screen/review submissions
>3. Bards and Musicians willing to submit (I know how that sounds, but it's
>not what I mean)
>5. Cover artwork
>6. The names, numbers and addresses of Merchants that might be interested
>in carrying the CD's
>7. And many more things that are escaping my over worked mind.
>Be forwarned that I will reward all who help...
>In Service,
>Micah the Damned Dane

James and/or Nancy Gilly


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