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A stirring epic from the Artemisian List

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>Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 08:29:11 -0600
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>Subject: A stirring epic from the Artemisian List
>Good friends, greetings from Gillian....
>        Recently on the Artemisian Mailing List (The Aerie) there transpired
>and exchange of messages between two peers the likes of which I have ne'er
>seen before.  The resulting Epic Poem stir's the soul with it's depth and
>generosity of spirit, such that it would be mean spirited of us to keep it
>to ourselve's.  Pardon my use of bandwith and allow me to set up the
>person...errr...... situation.
>        Principal in the first.... Sir Gregory of Beck, Knight of Atenveldt
>and a finer and more chivalrous knight there's ne'r been.  Principal in the
>second... Baron Master Tryggvi, Master of the Laurel, craftsmen, statesmen
>and Sir Gregory's (mundane) father.  The initial post is Sir Gregory's and
>concerned a discussion relating to appropriate ways to advise the Crown.
>This actually has little bearing on what ensued, but I will include (almost)
>the entire first paragraph so you may read Sir Gregory's comments in
>context.  The following two posts are those of Master Tryggvi in response to
>the generous remarks made by his son.
>        I hope you find these as amus...... uh... inspirational as I have.
>If you have any comments I'm sure Sir Gregory would *love* to hear them.  He
>can be reached at GOlsen@allencom.com (cc a copy to Tryggvi too, he'd get a
>kick out of it..... tryggvi@xmission.com).  Flames for wasting bandwith
>should be send directily to me at Huscarl@sisna.com. Feel free to
>cross-post.  Baron Tryggvi's originally from Atlantia so if anyone has
>contacts out there, send this out!  Enjoy !
>Sir Gregory's initial posting:
>>Two bits of opinion, one cent a piece.
>>I believe the best way to handle a Crown who makes unpopular   
>>laws/decisions, is to flood them with your views.  Everyone talk to the   
>>Crown, write them, call them.  Enough well laid out opinions can sway
>>even the most pig-headed curmudgeon. Just look at my dad and me, 
>>he does whatever I want. :)
>Baron Tryggvi's response in the first:
>>Thinks I, was that a noise to my keen ears came????
>>'Twas mixed amidst the clatter and din of two pennies (probably copper 
>>yet) tossed blithely to the crowds.
>>Did mine senses betray me or did I also detect the dulcet sweet tone of 
>>a gauntlet, falling from a small height?
>Baron Tryggvi's response in the second:
>>I stumbled across an early Norman manuscript today.  Painstaking translation 
>>from the Old French produced the following previously unknown heroic 
>>Came Young Knight A Wandering
>>There came a young knight wandering,
>>His trappings bright and new.
>>All the sages left to pondering,
>>Was that sweat or was it dew?
>>'Ware ye great Sir Gregory,
>>Nobler than most, by heck;
>>Conquering hero d'primary,
>>A hero come from Bec. 
>>Astride a gallant stallion,
>>Full seven hands it bore;
>>Clad in bright caparison,
>>By the armorers of Dintymore.
>>To arms with fell opponents,
>>In numbers great to see;
>>With worship passing wonder
>>Drubs the doubty Kenneth d'Barbi.
>>The Barbs they could not slay him,
>>No babe in arms was he;
>>Like noble blood of Sala-din,
>>In cloth of terry cote-hardie.
>>With mighty blows he smote them,
>>About shin and to the knee;
>>And err anon a shot rose high,
>>To where they might just ........uh ....... To where the sun shone free.
>>The damosels swooned in wonder,
>>Old soldiers ground their teeth;
>>The blows they rained like thunder,
>>And pablum stained the heath.
>>Then came the old curmudgeon,
>>His hair just touched with hoar;
>>Blocked full the path young knight was on,
>>Full evil, vile and more.
>>"Come to me yon brash young pup,"
>>The elder one did qouth;
>>"Come let me test you mettle,
>>And the staunchness of your oath."
>>And so they fell to battle,
>>Fought day and night and day;
>>And though their heads did rattle,
>>Ne'er one the other did slay.
>>So for a piece they rested,
>>When shown the sun third day;
>>And lo the crowd was angered, 
>>Suspecting feet of clay.
>>Fierce gazes then were softened,
>>And a sacred pact was made;
>>"OK, alright, I'll not offend,
>>I'll clean my room as bade."
>>There came a young knight wandering,
>>His trappings bright and new. 
>>A binky fresh from laundering,
>>And a ten o'clock curfew.
>Ee'n now I am overcome with emotion....
>Your humble servant,
>Alea jacta est!
>Azure, on a pile throughout between two decrescents Or,
>a sword inverted Azure, overall a bordure engrailed counterchanged.
Mikhail the Armorer
Tarkhan Khanate Bright Hawk
Great Household of the Dark Horde

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