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Re: Beowulf Recording

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>


> Numerous times I have heard sound recordings of Beowulf being read aloud
> in Old English, often to the accompanyment of a harp or rote.  Always
> interesting to hear, but since I do not speak Old English, I wouldn't want
> to listen to the whole epic that way.
> 	Recently, however, I was watching a PBS series called _The Story
> of English_, and in the second episode, _The Mother Tongue_, they had a
> proffessor (from Oxford, I beleive-- I can't recall his name, although I
> plan on watching the video again soon and finding out who he is), playing
> a rote, and *singing* Beowulf in Old English.  This is the first time I
> had heard Beowulf being sung rather than spoken, and it was beautiful.
> Now, of course, I am obsessed with the idea of finding a recording of
> Beowulf being sung in Old English.  Can anyone suggest such a recording to
> me, or let me know how I could find one?
> 	I appreciate your help.

I have the particulars at home. I'll send them to the list when I get
home the e'en. It can be ordered through Thornton's of Oxford.

In service,

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