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RE: Bright Hills Investiture - Ride Needed

Poster: Otelio Randall <Otelio.Randall@skycell.com>

I'll pick her up.


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Sent:	Monday, February 03, 1997 3:17 PM
To:	atlantia@atlantia.sca.org; dragon@portcullis.maxson.com
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Subject:	Bright Hills Investiture - Ride Needed

Unto the patrons of the various taverns, an indirect plea for help via
myself, Evan da Collaureo. Some of you know Lady Maria Beatriz la Mora;
she lives near the Stierbach/Ponte Altoid Border (mundanely, Herndon VA).
Her car is like a yoyo in that it's up, then it's down... Right now it's
down, and she would really appreciate a ride to B.H.Investiture.

If anyone can help, please e-mail her directly, at DC.TEMP@novell.com

My thanks in advance. -Evan

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> Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 11:28:18 -0800
> From: Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com>
> To: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com
> Subject: Bright Hills Investitture
> Hi there, I dont have my note bok with me here today and I
> canot remember for the life of me how to post  "rose wide" 
> I want to go to Bright hills investiture very badly...My car is now
> definitely comatose...
> DO you know anyone who is going?
> can you foward this to the mailing list?
> Thanks for any help.
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