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FW: [Mid] A New Pennsic NEWS PAPER?

Poster: James and/or Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

>From: Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com (Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J)
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>Subject: FW: [Mid] A New Pennsic NEWS PAPER?
>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 14:03:27 +0000
>-Poster: Orilee_J_Ireland-Delfs@wb.xerox.com (Ireland-Delfs,Orilee J)
>FYI - Orianna
>>Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 01:58:22 +0000
>>From: Grizel <scababe@dnaco.net>
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>>Subject: [Mid] A New Pennsic NEWS PAPER?
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>>Calling all Pennsic Citizens!
>>>From what I have heard, there will be no Pennsic newspaper this year.
>>The Pennsic Independant sold all of it's equiptment and tentage last
>>year, and thusly left the newspaper business. They were the only paper
>>running last  year. If no one starts one, there will be no paper at
>>Being a chronicler myself and after talking to Eilonwyn the Middle
>>Kingdom Chronicler after I devised this insidious little plan (I will
>>most probably regret ever waking up that fateful day...). She called me
>>today and told me to hop to it (well, not in THOSE words exactly :-) )
>>and try to start to get it rolling if I could. Time is running out...
>>I have decided to try to form an inter-kingdom pennsic newspaper to be
>>operated by the society's many chroniclers.  It's a natural extenstion
>>what we do every month, so naturally we should do it at war.
>>WHY? Pennsic has a place for everyone:  Heralds have Heralds Point,
>>Chiurgeons have Chiurgeons Point, Marshalls run Marshalls Point...ect..
>>I now hope to , basically, have a "Chronicler's Point". And now with the
>>loss of the Pennsic Independant I see a golden opportunity to make this
>>I would like to see it be a truthful, interesting, informational and
>>responsibly run NEWSpaper. Something  unfortunatly, past Pennsic papers
>>have lacked from time to time. Even though it cannot officially be one,
>>my objective is for it to run and held to the same standards of all SCA
>>publications, including the mundane rules and legalities of journalism.
>>Who will run it year to year? Hopefully, I would like to see it will be
>>run by both the East and the Midrealm Kingdom Chroniclers co-operatively
>>every year. Maybe act as the "Editors in Chief". They will both oversee
>>the content and make sure it fits to the standards of the SCA publishing
>>policies. "Running" of the paper would not rotate as other offices do.
>>The problem is, since it hopefully to be a a inter-kingdom project and a
>>bit of a risk, NO kingdom or kingdoms may fund it in any way, even
>>though they could possibly operate it.
>>Which is why I am here today.....
>>We are asking for donations of money, goods, and equipment to fund this
>>        Money could be considered a donation  ("Contributing Patron") to the
>>paper where your name would possibly be listed on the back page of the
>>paper, or you could help fund the paper for a couple hundred dollars as
>>a "investor" to (hopefully) have it returned to you after the war, if it
>>is indeed profitable. Any extra profits recieved could be held to fund
>>the next year 's paper, so evetually it can be self-sustaining. (This is
>>all off the top of my head as I type right now, I am sure things here
>>will change)
>>Any donated goods, such as artisians works, promised services, ect...
>>could be auctioned off at prominent Kingdom level events (hopefully
>>throughout the SCA) and moneys will be used to fund the paper, just as
>>some kingdoms use these auction profits to fund special newsletter
>>issues or Royal travel funds currently.
>>We are also asking for donations of any equiptment such as used
>>computers, printers, COPIERS, or just the use of these during war week.
>>We also ask for office supplies such as white 8 1/2 by 11 copy paper,
>>staplers, file cabinets, staples, writing supplies and assorted other
>>office neccessities.
>>I am calling for all the chroniclers of the knowne world to contact me
>>and tell me if you are interested in such a thing, and might be willing
>>to donate time and service, from working to layout pages, to typing, to
>>acting as reporters and editors.  This is a great way to do what we
>>enjoy, and help the whole pennsic populace, the society, as well as have
>>a good time.
>>If you have questions, comments, threats to volunteer, or DONATIONS of
>>any sort, contact me:
>>Please feel free to post this note on _any_ lists or newsgroups where it
>>might be of interest... forwarding to other kingdom lists greatly
>>When I am writing this the East or other kingdoms have not been
>>contacted, but will be by the time you read this most probably.
>>In service (hopefully) to the populace of the society,
>>Lady Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort, OW
>>(Ohio Regional Chronicler and Barony Flaming Gryphon Chronicler -
>>(MKA Jen Funk)
>>8537 Towson Blvd.
>>Miamisburg, OH 45342
>>From:  Grizel <scababe@dnaco.net>
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James and/or Nancy Gilly


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