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Re: Crusade (fwd)

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Says Pedro:
> > Aquitaine. However, the easiest solution to your wife's dilemma
> > is simple: Eleanor herself had accompanied her husband <at the
> > time, Philippe of France> on the 2nd Crusade, and your lady wife
> Actually, Eleanor was married to Louis VI.  Philippe II Augustus was
> Louis' son by his second wife.  (Eleanor, having famously divorced Louis
> after the Crusade, then married Henry Plantagenet, comte d'Anjou and
> great-grandson of William of Normandy, later Henry II of England, by
> whom she became the mother of another famous Crusader: Richard I, the
> Lionheart). 

I had noticed my error about an hour after I'd sent in my
remarks, but I wasn't able to correct myself. Thank you for doing

Craig Levin
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