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Re: new shire or college

Poster: Ann Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

To Milady Kari and the Merry Rosettes,

A copy of corpora would be helpful but it seems the first step would be 
to contact Baroness Keilyn, Kingdom Seneschal.  She could best advise as 
to the initial steps in making these decisions.  It is my understanding 
as her SC/GA Deputy that groups do not cross state lines.  That creates 
an almost immediate decision point (SC vs NC).  Where do YOU reside?  
Then you will need to talk to the group that currently holds those 
zipcodes to request the release of these lands.  As far as being a 
shire, canton or college, each has different membership and reporting 
criteria.  You may not meet criteria for all three.  Keilyn will be able 
to quickly advise you as to the differences but the final decision will 
be made with input from the group who currently holds the zipcodes.  
(For instance, a barony may wish to keep the lands and only cede the 
zips for a new canton.)

After you talk with Keilyn, let me know if I can help with forming the 
group if it is in SC.

Baroness Anne le Coeur
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