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RE: Estrella

Poster: PETERSR@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.)

Anarra asks:

>>How was Estrella?

It was great -- no bugs -- bright sun almost every day -- nights ranging 
from comfy (50s) to brutally cold (30s).  Seven Atlantian fighters (Brendan, 
Corwyn, Patrick, Sionan, John Ironstone and two Black Diamond fighters 
(Julian and ...?)) made the name of Atlantia shine on the field.  At night, 
a group of households from Albion gave us the best drumming I have ever 

>>Did Rise win the glass competition?

Rise never managed to pick up her feedback sheet, so who knows!  But I got 
to talk to other glassworkers, hand out a lot of flyers for the 
glassworkers' guild, and look at some beautiful work.  So I "won."

>>What was shown at the A&S?

More later on this... I need to sit and put my memories together coherently!

Caitlin Cheannlaidir (mka Risa Sheridan-Peters)
Just flew in from Estrella... and boy do my arms hurt!

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