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SWAT and other fiber stuff

Poster: tawnyk@juno.com (SHANA M HARVEY)

Greetings fair Atlantians!
I am new to the list, but I wanted to put in a little shameless note
about SWAT.  SWAT is Atlantia's Textile Guild.  I am the editor of a
bi-monthly newsletter, and our purpose is to share information on
sources and techniques in all fiber-related arts.  As an addition to the
earlier invitation to play with string.....Caer Mear will be hosting a
Mini-string collegium the Sunday after Coronation (you may e-mail me for
more information at TawnyK@juno.com).  I also encourage any fiber addicts
to check into the sheep-shawl being planned for Crown Tourney,"R" event
in April,  the MD Sheep and Wool festival in May and the Kingdom Arts
Festival being held in July.  If you want any more information about
these items (or SWAT info.) please contact me at the above e-mail.  I
love fiber, colour and texture, and think everyone else just doesn't
know what they are missing.
May the colours of your life be wonderful and pleasing to the eyes.
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