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dogs and scotland

Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com>

Stephanie M. Thorson wrote:
> Scripsit Emma Lawless
> > Now anyone know a Clumber Spanial Breeder????? Or where I can get a
> > Dogue de Bordeaux really cheap..we're talkin' good home here.
> The Dogue de Bordeaux is not currently an AKC-recognised breed, but I do
> think I have seen ads from breeders of that particular beastie in
> (American) Dog World magazine (available on your newstand).  They may
> have UKC recognition, but I'm not sure about that.
> The Clumber Spaniel *is* an AKC-recognised breed.  The AKC offers a
> certain amount of breeder referral, mostly in the form of directing you to
> your local breed clubs - the best place to start looking for a pure-bred
> dog, IM not so HO.  They have a 900 number for this sort of thing, but I
> don't have that immediately to hand.  They also have a Web site which may
> be able to help you (and has photos and breed standards for all the
> recognised breeds).  It's http://www.akc.org/ and is worth a look.
> Cheap?  Well, that I can't promise.  If you're not dead set on a puppy,
> you might be able to adopt an older or rescue dog for less, though.  Ask
> around.  Talk to EVERYBODY you can get your hands on about that.  Ask lots
> of questions about health clearances, too.  Things like "OFA"  (Orthopedic
> Foundation for Animals) and possibly ophthamologists, cardiologists and
> Von Willenbrand's Disease should come up in conversation.  Yes, this all
> sounds awful.  But even if all you want is a pet and not a show dog, you
> still want a healthy pet, right?  Not one crippled by hip dysplasia or
> with a bleeding problem as a result of VWD.  Be informed!
> Eogan - on the subject of Mastiffs, you should probably check the AKC's
> Complete Dog Book as well.  They have a short breed history along with the
> standard.  My copy is back in the US, but the book is in most public
> libraries. (The breed histories are, sadly, not available on line AFAIK).
> Getting off my soapbox,
> Alianora
> breeding and showing AKC Golden Retrievers for over 20 years now
> *****
> Stephanie M. Thorson                    |  SCA: Lady Alianora Munro
> Dept. of Scottish History               |  Clan White Wing
> University of St Andrews                |  Tarkhan, Khanate Red Lion

Hey Alianora, 
How much longer are you going to be at St. Andrews???
Because I'm attending Stirling in the fall.... 

Also I know all about OFA's, Hip Problems, Eye Problems and rescue
dogs...Rotts. Nothing but Rottweilers.   Has there ever been a better
breed??? (I know I know...  eye of the beholder et. al.) 
I'd love to take Bella to events, but that's a no go.  Even if her hips
weren't shot, she'd scare people.  She's 127 lbs and 27in!!!!! Too big
to show even, anymore.    
I'd love to have a Clumber I think they are beautiful. I hear they
aren't soft up stairs either.  Have you ever seen one?
Or met a breeder?

Emma, Lady Lawless
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