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Kingdom Arts Festival - overview [long]

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

>Here is an overview of the Kingdom Arts Festival to be held July 12 in
>Raleigh. The Rules and Guidelines for the Competition and entries will be
>posted separately. Please take the time to read the Rules in the next
>posting. We are accepting research papers and musical composition/arrangement
>in the competition and these are time sensitive deadlines. Also, there are
>particular considerations for the Performance Arts. More information will be
>available over the next few months.
>Kingdom Arts Festival, July 12, Hale High School, Raleigh
>Working Demos - Put on by many of the Laurels or our artisans particularly
>skilled in a field, this is a live demonstration of the art. The populace can
>meet them, ask questions, find out about techniques, how to get started or
>learn about new sources. Great for newcomers, it is also great for those
>interested in learning a little more about another art form. We plan on
>having demos of Period Firearms, Cooking, Brewing, Costuming, Musical
>Instruments, Lampworking, Spinning, Armoring, Carving, Weaving, Woodworking,
>Embroidery, Illumination, Vikings, Painting, Leatherworking and Jewelry.
>Judged Competition - Upon request, an artisan can enter the judged
>competition. A Laurel knowledgeble in that particular field will judge that
>category. Rules for Competition will be posted separately.
>Children's Exhibition - Children under the age of 15 may display their work
>and, if they wish, can meet people and discuss their art.
>Peer's Prize Tourney - If an artisan desires to participate, a Peer's Prize
>Tourney is the flip side to the working demos being presented mainly by our
>Laurels. Entrants stand by their work for a brief period of time while the
>peers take the time to look at the work, talk to the artisan about their
>studies, provide feedback and provide encouragement. Peers are encouraged to
>leave tokens for artisans whose work they find particularly impressive.
>This tourney gives the peer an opportunity to put a face to the work. It
>gives the artisan an opportunity for face to face feedback. It gives the
>peers the opportunity to give interactive feedback. It also gives an artisan
>knowledgeable about their work, but weak on documenting their work, the
>opportunity to verbalize what they have learned.
>I strongly encourage all artisans to take advantage of this opportunity for
>feedback. I also openly invite all peers to meet the artisans who are
>striving to perfect their art and give them your guidance and acknowledgment.
>Display Only - If an artisan desires, they can place their work out for
>display only. Display only entries are not judged or commented on.
>Classes - There will be a few classes in dancing, mask making and playing
>dance music, being taught during the day. Details on these classes will be
>posted at the site.
>Their Majesties Treasure Chest - A special table will be set up for donations
>to Their Majesties Treasure Chest. All participants are encouraged to
>contribute to this. Their Majesties of Atlantia find the small gifts make by
>our artisans to be the ones they are the most proud to present to other
>Kingdoms. Please add your assistance to this effort as Their Majesties
>prepare for Pennsic.
>Masked Ball - After the event, we are planning to have a masked ball at a
>nearby hotel in the area. Live musicians will perform the music, with our
>gratitude. Dance classes will be offered during the day. Each dance will be
>walked through once at the masked ball. Experienced dancers are encouraged to
>participate, not only for their own enjoyment, but also to provide some
>assistance for new people who wish to participate.  Some masks will be
>provided for those individuals who do not have their own.
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