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Poster: ACO <aco@janrix.com>

On the subject of Dogs,
Luisa and I have 2 Newfoundlands that are just great dogs. Our dogs serve 
dual purposes. They are great draft (anything on draft is fine)dogs. They 
pull a wagon setup for pulling with a dog harness. They are bred for 
pulling. My lady's dog Murphy just loves to get in her harness an pull. 
The second reason is they shed like crazy and my wife uses the fur to mix 
with other fibers to spin with. She has made several things out of dog 
hair. There is one more thing, they are just good overall people dogs. 
They love just about everyone and love attention. They slobber everwhere 
but you just get used to it. 
We are planning to my a period cart for Emerald Joust and bring 1 dog for 
If anyone is interested in draft dogs and where you can get more info 
just contact me or my wife at ACO@JANRIX.COM or 

Steafan O'Reilly
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