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Johan Blau Visored Barbute -- For Sale!

Poster: Finnean <fkoest1@gl.umbc.edu>

Greetings fellow Atlantians!

I have recently had a helmet of mine returned.  (It was part of a deal
that was never fulfilled on the other party's side.)  So, I have an extra
helmet!  It is BRAND NEW.  No holes for strapping or anything.  The steel
has been blackened except for the plate which the visor is built from.
Again, it is a barbute design, a very good one, and the helmet is in
perfect condition.  I have always purchased Johan Blau's work, and it
has never been less than superb.  The helmet was purchased for 225
duckets, not including the extra work I have done to smooth out welding
slag, etc and blacken it.  I want 200 duckets for it, but if the party
interested is local, I will take 175 firm. (So I do not have to deal with
shipping annoyances).

In service of his Lord,  

Please respond by email to either-	lunee@fred.net

 Finnian of   | Medical Laboratory Technician track at
 Atlantia     | UMBC, preparing for transfer to UMAB.
 Cornelius    | "The desire for glory clings even to the
 Tacitus--    | best men longer than any other passion."

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