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Period Dogs

Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H. Clarke)

While we are on the subject of period dogs, I would like to know about my
kind of dog.  I have a Great Pyrenees, same temperament and
protectiveness as the mastiff, alas, same slobber rate as well.  They
are an inbreed of the chow line and have two dew claws on the hind legs
(obviously an inbreeding trait).  They are large, fluffy and very
lovable.  Great with kids and very protective.  Our's is 2 years old, weighs 85 pounds and is the runt of the litter, her sire was 127 pounds.  I
understand that they were court dogs of some of the French kings.  Any
historical information would be greatly appreciated.  


Steffan of Caer Mear
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