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Need author's permission to publish archived SCA articles

Poster: "Nancy Dalton" <nancykd@ea.net>

Heard this on the Rialto and recognized several names of people who 
hopefully are on the Atlantian list.

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Date: 5 Mar 1997 02:48:51 GMT
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	I am hoping that someone here may help me.
	You may be aware of The Associated Ancient Press. This is a 
project to collect articles and art for use in SCA newsletters. The SCA, 
Inc. Archives recently sent this organization a large number of articles. I 
now need to find the gentles who wrote these articles and ask their
 permission to use them.
	However, I do not have addresses for any of them. I can guess 
some of the kingdoms from newsletter names. I am hoping that you 
good gentles can help me locate and contact these folks. A list of names, 
along with my guesses at their locations, follows. For those I have no 
clue about, I have included the name of the newsletter in which the 
article appeared. However, there are some for which I have only a name.
	Many thanks for any help you might be able to give!

THL Heirusalem Crystoma

Adam Elfchaser-The Guardian newsletter
Anharad of the Coppery Shields-The Guardian newsletter
Anne of Hatfield, Mistress-East
Arianna of Wynthrope
Beatrix von Wertenberg Caerthe-Outlands
Breandan Ceallach O'Donnabhain-Atlantia
Caitlin Mag Uidir-Atlantia
Caitlin ni h'Arrachtain
Caryl de Trecesson-East
Caterina Leonora de Forza-Atlantia
Catherine Adrienne deSteele-Atlantia
Leyla bint Nakhla al-Ghawazi-Atlantia
Catilin, Baroness-Guild Report
Cerdic the Diviner
Connell the Dead-Atlantia
Dafydd ap Gwystl, Earl Sir
Daria Joan de Courtenay-Atlantia
Deirdre O'Siodhachain-The Drekkar
Deirdre of Hope's Dale-Atlantia
Donal Mac Ruiseart-Guild Report
Donal Mackenzie-Atlantia
Felicia Catriona Morgan--Atlantia
Gerhard Kendal, Baron/Rodrigo de Cerdana-Kudzu Wreath 
Gwilym O'r Afonydd Tair, COS-East
Hilary of Serendip, Mistress
Ivanov, Equitus Atenveldt-Atenveldt
Jin Liu Chang, OFC, OSC-Atlantia
Kathryn of Iveragh-Baronial Shaft
Lawrence of Ashana
Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm, Duchess-Barony Al-Barran, Outlands
Ljudmilla von Konigsberg, Countess-Triskele
Madeline de la Neige-East
Maeve of the Lone Isels, Mistress-East
Malkin Grey, Peregrynne Wynryder-Atlantia
Margali ap Taliesin of Cendl Llewellyn-Atlantia
Marieke van de Dal
Mavis the Bewildered-Atlantia
Melanie de Chanson bean Edric-Atlantia
Melusine Whitcroft-Ansteorra
Michaele del Vaga, Mistress
Mistress Aryana Silknfyre-The Guardian
Necene of Antioch-Atlantia
Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine, OL-Pinnacle Tower
Pegasus Devona
Peregrine and Catherine deSteele-Atlantia
Peregrine Benedict de Steele-Atlantia
Randall Arrowsmith-Fletch and Point
Ranyart Boarsbane
Robyyan Torr d'Elandris, OL-Atlantia
Seonaid ni Fionn, Duchess, OP-Atlantia
Sharallele Anna MacEideard-Ansteorra
Takara Fionnuala MacLeod, CSTT, CAET-Triskele
Treve Morningstar-Trimaris
Triste Cateline de la Mor-Triskele
Wynflaed of Hawksmeir-The Guardian
Yllavona Montclair-Atlantia


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