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Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com>

David H Ritterskamp wrote:
>      Now, I NEVER thought I'd be MORE inured to anything than Dafydd.  Just
>      goes to show how
>      beating your head against a brick wall will do wonders for your
>      viewpoint...
>      FYI, I've been known to correct grammar/spelling/punctuation in my
>      sleep.  So believe me
>      when I say that I used to get just as narked off as anybody else on
>      here.
>      Problem is, there aren't many good ways to tell somebody they don't
>      know how to parse/spell/punctuate/whatever
>      without coming across as condemnatory.  Also, as Falcone pointed out,
>      good GRAMMAR checkers aren't cheap.  So I
>      pretty much gave up awhile back, primarily because there wasn't any
>      point to it.  IMO, for every person that
>      says "Thanks for correcting that" there are a dozen more that 1)won't
>      thank you and/or 2)will actively resent
>      you.  Sort of like standing behind somebody who's playing bridge.
>      The useless ones (like the ones that come with MS Word or whatever)
>      are of the you-get-what-you-pay-for school.
>      So, all we need is to have whoever's most annoyed with the whole
>      concept agree to serve as the Official Merry
>      Rose Grammar Checker, filter all the messages through him/her, and
>      have them attach a standard disclaimer to
>      every message that it's been edited for clarity...
>      ROFL,
>      Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
>      House O'Shannon

Okay everyone, you heard Jonathan.  All e-mail to him prior to being posted to the 
Cheapside! Your idea....

Speaking of nitpicking... It makes me bananas when you get a thread going and the 
messages don't get snipped! hint hint hint Just my own personal ARGHHHH!

BTW, Jonathan just how in the hell am I supposed to get this @#%*&!@#! Anvil out of my 

Emma Lawles
Chasin' Cars, Hangin' out in bars, and Howlin' at the moon
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