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Re: FW: Pennsic XXVI Land Grab

Poster: "Brady, Thomas" <thomas.brady@reichhold.com>

(This came directly to me, but I think it was meant for the list in

>From: 	Beverly Robinson-Curry[SMTP:corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, March 12, 1997 11:32 AM
>To: 	Brady, Thomas
>Subject: 	Re: FW: Pennsic XXVI Land Grab
>Tom Brady was kind enough to forward the following:
>(bulk of text snipped)
>>If you want to camp as a group, make sure your people PRE-REGISTER!!! 
>>This year the amount of area allocated, for each group, will be based on
>>two things.  First, the number of people, pre-registered as of June 27,
>>1997 and second where you decide to camp.  Please see the announcement
>>about how to pre-register on the Intern et, in newsletters and wherever
>>else you can find it. I will receive, from the pre-registration agent,
>O.k.  This scares me.  Not everyone has Internet access or access to the
>Rialto.  Last year, the information regarding pre-registration was published
>in the December issues of the kingdom newsletters and pre-registration began
>Feb. 15th.  I've been getting all the kingdom newsletters since January and
>nothing has been in ANY of the kingdom newsletters so far (at least not that
>I've noticed and I've been watching the East and Middle fairly closely).
>Has anyone seen anything about the pre-registration requirements and
>procedures for this year?  And if so, could you forward it to this list?
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