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Re: [EK] Re:native american persona?

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.mitre.org>

>I am not trying to stir up trouble MiLord, but why is it that you think
>cultures outside of Western Europe are more important than the other cultures
>of the world?

  I've also noticed that the Civil War groups don't seem to allow 
Indonesian personas at their events.  Just another case of shutting
out less important cultures? :-)  

  Seriously, The Society's focus, as has been pointed out, is on Western
culture during a particular period of time.  This is not meant to say
that other cultures are less important.  Our group already has a wide
focus just considering Europe during the large time period we use.  And
even with that wide range people are always pushing at the edges wanting
something that would be really neat to include.  But without that focus, 
we would end up eventually with U.S G.I.s with M-16s* side-by-side with
with Cro-Magnum each trying to pretend it is normal for his or her 


* remember, each bullet must have an inch of foam taped to the front!
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