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Re: [EK] Re:native american persona?

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  Actually, De Soto travelled extensively in the South East of North America
  within our period, mid to late 1500s.

According to my online references....  New World explanation post-Columbus
and to the end of period:


Year	Explorer		Nationality and		Area reached or
				employer		explored
====	========		===============		===============
1497	John Cabot		Italian-English		Newfoundland or Nova
1498	John and		Italian-English		Labrador to Hatteras
	Sebastian Cabot
1499	Alonso de Ojeda		Spanish			N South American coast,
1500	Vicente Yanez		Spanish			South American coast,
	Pinzon						Amazon R.
1500	Pedro Alvarez Cabral	Portuguese		Brazil (for Portugal)
1500-02	Gaspar Corte-Real	Portuguese		Labrador
1501	Rodrigo de Bastidas	Spanish			Central America
1513	Vasco Nunez de Balboa	Spanish			Panama, Pacific Ocean
1513	Juan Ponce de Leon	Spanish			Florida
1515	Juan de Solis		Spanish			Rio de la Plata
1519	Alonso de Pineda	Spanish			Mouth of Mississippi R.
1519	Hernando Cortis		Spanish			Mexico
1520	Ferdinand Magellan	Portuguese-Spanish	Straits of Magellan,
							Tierra del Fuego
1524	Giovanni da Verrazano	Italian-French		Atlantic coast, inc.
							New York harbor
1528	Cabeza de Vaca		Spanish			Texas coast and
1532	Francisco Pizarro	Spanish			Peru
1534	Jacques Cartier		French			Canada, Gulf of St.
1536	Pedro de Mendoza	Spanish			Buenos Aires
1539	Francisco de Ulloa	Spanish			California coast
1539-41	Hernando de Soto	Spanish			Mississippi R. near
1539	Marcos de Niza		Italian-Spanish		SW U.S.
1540	Francisco de Coronado	Spanish			SW U.S.
1540	Hernando Alarcon	Spanish			Colorado R.
1540	Garcia de L. Cardenas	Spanish			Colorado, Grand Canyon
1541	Francisco de Orellana	Spanish			Amazon R.
1542	Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo	Portuguese-Spanish	W Mexico, San Diego
1565	Pedro Menendez de 	Spanish	St. 		Augustine, FL
1576	Sir Martin Frobisher	English			Frobisher's Bay, Canada
1577-80	Sir Francis Drake	English			California coast
1582	Antonio de Espejo	Spanish			SW U.S. (named New
1584	Amadas & Barlow 	English			Virginia
	(for Raleigh)
1585-87	Sir Walter Raleigh's 	English			Roanoke Is., NC
1595	Sir Walter Raleigh	English			Orinoco R.
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