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Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com>

<emma gets up, stands on chair so she can look into Falcone's eyes and says>

Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <>polearmed@worldnet.att.net wrote:
> This is my sore spot and so I won't engage in the usual rhetoric
> concerning the bigoted, closed-minded, self-important, arrogant and
> incredibly ignorant Western European culture who did what they did to
> the aboriginals here in "New World" when they found my progenitor's
> "backward and ignorant culture", except for this sentence.;)

Couldn't resist could, ya?

> I have met a couple of SCAdians with NA personas, and they were done
> well.  Well enough, in fact, that I was compelled to engage in
> conversation.  My intrinsic point is: when it is done well, and as long
> as those who wish it are not intentionally confronted by these "silly
> indians", as I have heard them called, it sure beats the hell out of
> vampire teeth and pointy ears. 
> There is still plenty of argument for
> and against, and most of it is valid(besides, you can justify almost
> anything from your own individual set of prejudices-and I mean that in a
> good way, with no insinuation of bigotry).
> I see it as an enhancement when Takote from the Outlands(I think that's
> his name) wears his bone breast-plate and a mohawk crest on his helm and
> fights pole like a savage gentleman.  I haven't ever seen these people
> puff themselves up in rigid difiance or intentionally trying to hurt
> "the game" to further their interests.  They were just here to
> participate while placing a value on their interests just like the rest
> of us do.  Any harm usually occurred after some fubawaba(read - fat ugly
> broad and with a bad attitude) approached with the intention of
> confrontation and conflict.  (That's when we get out the stakes and the
> rawhide and have some "pig" and potatoes...well, savage and all that,
> you know;)
> Falcone
> (who wishes he had been here at the beginning of this thread)

I was with you until you got to the fubawaba part.... Why is it when ever
there is a disagreement it always comes down to appearence???
Ummm, personality fine, opinion fine, BUT WHAT THE SAM HELL DOES ANYONE'S
FLIPPIN' SIZE HAVE TO DO WITH A DAMN THING?????	 And yes I'm yelling here.
Asinine behavior is is asinine behavior and size has very little to do with
whether your a big jerk or a little jerk. 
And why is is fat ugly BROADS huh????  I'll tell you, I've met some SOB's in
the society but you don't hear me bitchin' about it.
In fact until Southern War Practice I didn't sing becuase someone said
my "voice" wasn't period.  
You find friends and work though that crap, you help people that the period 
police hurt, but if you start name calling and egging on it just gets worse not 
I realize you didn't mean any harm, but people listen and read and react.
And I guess the way you are about Native American's well that's the way I 
am about big people.  
I hate the idea that we are all assessed on our appearance.  Think about it, okay?
Couldn't you find some other way of disagreeing rather than such  hurtful hateful 
name calling.

Emma, Lady Lawless
Who used to be 227 lbs.
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