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Re: fubawab

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swannh@psi.com>

>  Poster: Cole <missemma@coastalnet.com> 
> <emma gets up, stands on chair so she can look into Falcone's eyes 
> and says> 
> Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <>polearmed@worldnet.att.net wrote: 
> I was with you until you got to the fubawaba part.... Why is it when 
> ever there is a disagreement it always comes down to appearence??? 
> Ummm, personality fine, opinion fine, BUT WHAT THE SAM HELL DOES 
> I'm yelling here. 
> Asinine behavior is is asinine behavior and size has very little to 
> do with whether your a big jerk or a little jerk. 
> And why is is fat ugly BROADS huh????  I'll tell you, I've met some 
> SOB's in the society but you don't hear me bitchin' about it. 
> In fact until Southern War Practice I didn't sing becuase someone said 
> my "voice" wasn't period.  
> You find friends and work though that crap, you help people that 
> the period police hurt, but if you start name calling and egging on 
> it just gets worse not better. 
> I realize you didn't mean any harm, but people listen and read and 
> react. 
> And I guess the way you are about Native American's well that's the way 
> I am about big people.  
> I hate the idea that we are all assessed on our appearance.  Think 
> about it, okay? 
> Couldn't you find some other way of disagreeing rather than such  
> hurtful hateful name calling. 
> Emma, Lady Lawless 
> Who used to be 227 lbs. 
> ======================================================================= 
Well put, my Lady! Those of us who are Rubenesque take a dim view of a 
prejudice some of us are trying to escape in the SCA.  


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