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Poster: PAEmrys@aol.com

And now Baroness Prydain stands and removers her coronet, places it on the
table and reaches for her sword!!
I have sat and listened to the things that have been said on the subject of
ill-mannered and bad tempered people.  Some of it ill-mannered and bad
tempered itself.  The remark made by Falcone was very insulting and
inappropriate.  If he is a good person that did not intend ill by the remark
now would be a good time for him to offer an appology!  If he intended it as
insultingly as it sounded then I would be honored to offer him combat in
defense of myself and all Ladies everywhere who are tired of being refered to
as "broads" and/or big, fat and ugly.  The choice my Lord like the gauntlet
lies at your feet.

truely offended  but returning to her seat Prydain picks up her coronet.
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