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Re: [EK] Re:native american persona?

Poster: TismanBRos@aol.com

Milords and Miladies...
Let me begin by offering an appology.  I have recently found that the charter
does incorporate itself around the western european culture.  I also realize
that the predominant portion of members follow the practice of such cultures.
 I am just a little unclear on why this is...
I know that the major portion of members are of european descent.  Were the
charter members of the SCA of nationalities or descents of other cultures?
 What I mean is, did they think that perhaps one day someone that was of
african, asian, north or south american lineage (and wanted to research and
practice their ancestral customs) would come along and automatically persue
the practices of europeans, just because they think there are no other
I think that the main prescence of the SCA is for personal historical
knowledge.  The reason for wanting this knowledge, for most people, is that
they want to know how their ancestors saw things.  At least that is the
reason for my taking a  Scottish persona, and other people that have taken on
the personas of a like nature because of their family's history.
I think that I owe you an explaination for my being upset.  I have brought
several new comers  into the light that the SCA brings.  They become
fascinated with the idea of living in the old traditions (even for a weekend
at a time).  When they hear more, such as tourneys, court, and things of that
nature, then their first response is to conform to the european based
lifestyles for persona.  Their second response in hearing that they will
probably be the only one that will be researching, practicing, or otherwise
involving that culture, they run.
(My opinion only) I don't think that we, as a group, support alternate
cultures as open mindedly as we ought.  We have a majority of members that
focus on and study europe, but no groups that offer classes on say
traditional Egyptian mummification (although the technique was extended from
the Egyptians time, to that of the kings mummifications in europe), or the
effects of the cultures that were experienced by the crusades (when the other
cultures influenced the europeans in their various ways).
I admit, I approached this matter as someone that was not thinking of other's
feelings.  I just tend to get tired of seeing my friends decide that they
don't want to play, based on the difficulty to express their ancestral
cultures.  This is the reason for the fire in me, as I have had over a dozen
people that I am close to grow from enthusiastic to downtrodden.
I am truly sorry for my rudeness, and poor judgement.

Tisman of the Black Rose
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