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Re: Rattan substitue

Poster: John Gahrmann <jrgahrmann@geocities.com>

Jeffrey Sussman wrote:
> Greetings from Richard Fitzgilbert!
> We will need to come up with some rules for dealing with "experiments"
> like the siloflex sword.
> My current opinion is that "experiments" be limited to combat between
> warranted marshals who are familiar with the experiment and are willing
> to participate.  This would apply to combat at any Society activity in
> Atlantia.
> Comments welcome.
> Richard
> Earl Marshal (Designate)
> I would extend that to warranted marshals and Chivalry. This would mean 
that the Marshallate and the best fighters (the chivalry) would have a 
chance to test material. Since I know plenty of good marshals that may 
not generate the blow force that some of our chivalry are capable of I 
would like to see the material tested at maximum conditions. I also think 
we should publish the materials to be tested (ie Specifications) and the 
duration of the testing in the Acorn to be followed by written commentary 
for your records. It would then fall to the Earl Marshal and the Crown to 
either ban or allow the weapon. It could then be incorporated into the 
weapon and armor standards. This would prevent ongoing and lingering 
"test" weapons showing up in odd places.

John Gahrmann
AKA Johann von Rothenburg (marshal - Falcon Cree)
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