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Re: Regional event planning

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Master Malcolm writes:

> We used to have a regional seneshals meeting 
> to work on creating a coherent event schedule
> for the region. Is this still taking place? If
> so why is the schedule so messed up? If not maybe
> we should start doing it again.
> One of the arguments for a Principality was to
> better organize and plan events in the Northern
> region. I don't know if a Pricipality is needed
> but some kind of organization and coordination
> for the Northern region is definately needed.
Actually, all we need is a deputy Kingdom Chronicler for scheduling 
Northern events who is selected and answerable to the Northern local 

However, as was proved by our attempt two years ago to get a regional 
demo coordinator, the central authorities do not like such ideas.

In Service

p.s., Malcolm, I may have to reconsider.  This post is likely to get you 
on the OHC watch list ;-).
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