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Re: Regional event planning

Poster: blackbow@sprynet.com

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com> wrote:
>Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>
>Lady Mordrea, you wrote:
>> If there is a conflict problem with an event, be it Northern or Central or
>> Southern, it is the fault of the autocrats for NOT stating that there COULD 
>> be an event within 150 miles of their event when they registered it. The
>> current Kingdom Chronicler, who is doing a very FINE job, is using the system
>> put into place when I was the Kingdom Chronciler. Another deputy position 
>> for the gratification of one part of the Kingdom is not necessary...
>> communication and using the system already in place is!
>In this I think you are absolutely correct.  Lord Rabah and his 
>predecessor Lady Ann E. have been doing an excellent job of handling 
>events.  Nor do I believe there needs to be a deputy created by them and 
>the kingdom which would be little more then a sinecure.
>However, none of that deals with Master Malcolm's complaint, which is 
>that the Seneschals of the northern groups are allowing competing events 
>to fall against each other on the calendar.
>I don't think it would be appropriate for the Kingdom or the GOofS to 
>create a position and endow it with the power to determine the events 
>calendar for the North (South or Central, for that matter).  The Kingdom 
>Chronicler doesn't really have that power right now, and it would be 
>inappropriate, as well as terribly unpopular, for him to try to assume it.
>The Seneschals and Landed Baronages of the local groups, on the other 
>hand, do have it within their authority to work together to coordinate 
>their events.  And if they create a position answerable to them as a 
>body, and subscribe to rules of event scheduling which they find mutually 
>beneficial, then that would be appropriate.
>Leifr Johansson

I do have one observation on the entire concept related above:

They thought that having two wars within a few hours of each other would be a 
Bad Thing, too, and yet GWW and Estrella were both well attended, from what I 

What's the fascination/obsession that events have with making sure that they 
have no competition?  I think our population has reached a level where if there 
are two events on the same day and they're both equally popular, they'll both 
have decent attendance.  There is, IMO, such a thing as Too Many People.  

Maybe the obsession/fascination/paranoia/whatever is a relic of not having many 
people and not being sure that the event would break even.


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
House O'Shannon
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