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Steirbach/Storvik event planning Revisited

Poster: Karen Louise Flessas <louise.flessas@worldnet.att.net>

This thread is becoming more and more tangled.

It started with the query, as to why Steirbach and Storvik would
have conflicting events.  I think Rowan Berran explained the
situation pretty well; that site complications, and other event
conflicts prevented either of us from changing the dates.  But
this topic has obviously pushed a button somewhere.

Both Rowan and I would have preferred to NOT conflict, but after
much discussion of our options, felt that this was the best
possible solution for our groups, under the circumstances.  

Maybe Solomon could have found a better solution, but we resolved
this issue peacefully, without hard feelings.  So . . . neither
event will have the number of attendees it _might_ have had
otherwise.  So be it.

Steirbach will have it's birthday celebration and fighting, and
Storvik's champions will be declared, and new fighters can compete
for the prize in the novice tourney.

There will be two terrific events, 140 odd miles apart, in the
northern part of Atlantia that weekend.

Pick one, go, and have fun!

Frau Johanna von Sudeborn
Seneschal, Barony of Storvik
Per chevron argent and azure, three shears counterchanged, a bordure sable


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