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Re: baronies/shires/etc

Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@shore.intercom.net>

>   Mmm, this is interesting.  I know our Canton is in the process of creating
>   our own little 'order'.  We know it's not official in any sense of the
>   word, and carries absolutely no 'real weight' with the SCA as a whole, but
>   that's not why we're creating it.  We're creating it to honor those of our
>   members we think serve the Canton in a special function.
> On the left hand:  The Society's model of "Orders and Awards" is such a
> piece of cock and bull, so incorrect and at odds with reality.  You should
> be GRATEFUL that Corpora forbids shires to do it.  Rather than clandestinely
> work hard to do something bad, why not find another road that is more
> period, and does the job even better?

Actually, the use of 'order' in my original post was an error on my part,
and frankly I'm a little surprised at my use of the term, as I was one of the
people involved in the discussion who suggested against using the term
Order, as it seemed a little presumptious for a Canton. ;-)

Actually, the idea as originally presented was a model based on the Duke
of Burgundy's model of the military Lance, expanded of course to allow the
non-combatants help support the Lance in peacetime as well as wartime (the
idea came around from an upcoming War we have in June against a rival
Shire ;->).

In actual use, we figure it will be closer to the nebulous idea of a

Julien de Montfort

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